About Ivan

Life is an adventure with many surprises, some of them exciting while others hurting. As we navigate the many unique paths in our journey on earth, each one of us desires that the best of events come along. Unfortunately as most of us have discovered, this isn’t always the case. As we grow up we learn that co existing with fellow human beings and the rest of nature  can only be enjoyable if we play our part of being loving, peaceful, helpful, content and patient. In doing so, we always hope that the rest will do the same though still this is not always the case. How we handle those who don`t helps us to foster and enjoy a peaceful environment.

Ivan Serunkuma has grown up in many different “ecological niches”A husband and a father, Ivan spent most of his life in Africa. The transition to North America has given him a different taste of climate, culture, friends and many more. One fact remains, the world is a beautiful place; God made it perfect for us to live in. As a Christian, Ivan shares his view of how to appreciate, celebrate and utilize the variety of pleasant experiences we encounter in life and how to handle the many complex real life challenges we face. As we read , we have the liberty to contribute through comments to the extent we fill comfortable.


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