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How to manage/handle a boring conversation

Everyone at one point in their lives, or for the unlucky one, many times a day, may be subjected to a boring conversation. This may put you in an awkward situation with some one close to you. A few times if it is someone you can escape from, you come up with an excuse before they start. What then do you do when faced with a seemingly un ending boring conversation? Well lets explore what different people do.

Endure: Many people decide to endure such conversations. How long they do so usually depends on the duration of the conversation and its frequency. If the conversation is unusually long, then a good number of those enduring may start giving excuses like ” I have an appointment” or “I have to go to the bathroom”. Still others have said they`ve received a phone call and quickly excused themselves. A tip hear is to give a genuine excuse. Deceptions are not acceptable. If the duration of the conversations is short but the frequency of occurrence is high, enduring may be difficult though still possible. But some of the solutions below may work better e.g addressing it.

Addressing: Facing up to the situation and dealing with it is an option when the frequency is high and with someone you can’t avoid e.g a spouse. However be careful when choosing this option because it may result in other problems. Be gentle and kind as you approach some one who has mainly boring talk. The timing also matters.

Counter: Some people carefully and tactically start up a new supposedly interesting conversation. Avoid annoying the other party by starting a topic which is closely related to the boring one. You could start ” I faced a similar situation but the circumstances were different…..” and then go on. But this only works if you are conversing with a yielding person. I have seen some unyielding participants who will not allow you to start a new topic when conversing, not even allowing a related one. In that case the above two solutions or the one below may work.

Avoidance: Avoiding someone is usually not good and this should be used as a temporizing measure as a more amicable solution is sought. If however there are other justifiable reasons for avoidance, then you can lump up the boring conversation together with those reasons to avoid the person. Remember there are some people you can’t avoid and so you will need to utilize other solutions to the boring conversation.

Whatever you do , make sure the solution you choose doesn’t strain your relationship with the person conversing. Be wise as you choose the best option.


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