Spiritual dream follow up -How the day`s event ended

When a stranger provides a free service which would other wise be expensive and says he is helping a friend, this is surely God at work. This is what happened after a long wait to have my plumbing problem fixed. In the past 2 posts I explained how I had a dream and how it unfolded in reality after I woke up.

As I pateintly waited for the plumber to come by, I wondered why all this had happened in the first place. We had contained the leakage but the main problem hadn`t been fully solved. The water service man had successfully closed off the main supply to the house, but now I was faced with a possible huge plumbing bill after a professional plumber`s work on the problem. During the day I had rejected the quiick offer by another retired plumber since I had an earlier booking with another company.

The one I was waiting for finally came to the house in the afternoon after a long wait. Very friendly he started working. As he worked he realised that he was missing a certain part. I had suggested that we use an older one in the house but he opted to go and buy from a building store. This would normally increase the bill for his service. He took long to return but he apologized for this when he arrived. He did all his work diligently and after finishing he cleaned up even after I insisted that he did not have to. As he was leaving I asked him to give me an idea of how much the bill was and when it would be sent in so that I know how much I was going to pay. He repleid that he was helping a friend or a friend of a friend so all the work and the part he bought and the kindness he showed were free of charge! Surely I saw the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living – Psalm 27:13.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual dream follow up -How the day`s event ended

  1. The fruit of the spirit was produced, all and kindness, love, patience, GBU, THANK YOU FOR SHARING

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