Doing right heals

With the many challenges in the world today, almost each one of us faces a decision point in life where a choice has to be made; whether right or wrong . With the numerous intense pressures of life, doing right seems like an uphill battle quite often. I remember one time one of my bosses at work made a statement ” Always aim at doing the right thing”. It later turned out that he was at a  financial decision point in his life and had a choice to make. I clearly remember that he made the right choice.

Indeed  Christians ( of which am a member) are taught and are aware that doing right is fundamental in a good relationship with God.

Doing right is not a requirement limited only to those who are religious. It is an important and useful principle designed to shield and protect us against unfair, undesirable, dangerous and some times potentially fatal situations. You can`t go wrong when you do what is right. Some of those who cheat on their spouses ( adulterers) have lost their marriages and some of those involved in fraudulent activities have lost jobs. On another spectrum disobedient children have made wrong choices in life. Some have died because of those choices

Today am not talking about the consequences of wrong doing, but the healing that one feels on doing right. I know many here will say that many wrong doers never pay for their wrongs and many of those who do right suffer a lot in life. The difference is that the the former never brings about the healing associated with the later. Ultimately this is what counts and its a wonderful experience!


2 thoughts on “Doing right heals

  1. What a inspiring article! Doing the right thing is not for the fear of punishment or purpose of getting rewarded. It is a matter of conscious, love to the God who loves us.

  2. Bwino shani.Indeed it is always good to do right,one feels inner peace.As christians we should also strive to do the right thing.God orders the steps of the righteous.

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