The gift of life

Today, I`ve had one of the most important meditations of my life. I was thinking and reflecting about the gift of life. Life is an important gift God gives us.

If you are planning your next vacation, figuring out which school your children will go to, thinking about a job interview or even wondering if you will afford house rent in the coming months, then perhaps your focus is not about whether you are going to be alive next month. When life gets so busy and we feel less fortunate than our neighbors, we are forgetting about a large number of people who are unsure if they will be alive tomorrow. Some are even uncertain if they will be alive 3 hours ahead. Many may be craving for at least an extra day to see the smile on their little child`s face. Yes, someone may be needing 2 more months to attend their son’s graduation ceremony. While another may be wishing for an extra week in order to attend their daughter`s wedding.

May we take every day as a gift from God and strive to live as he would like us to. Let`s pray that God helps us in Jesus` name. Let`s present our bodies as living sacrifices. Read Romans 12:1


Priority Disruptors

I wonder how many of you have not had priority disruptors. I imagine every one reading has been with a priority disruptor at one or more moments in their lives. Quick examples will get us going.

You are on your way to a friend’s wedding ceremony when your 68 yr old sister calls you to let you know that she has just been diagnosed with an osteosarcoma. The wedding ceremony was your top priority for the day, but the news of this bone tumor in your sister disrupts the plan.

Today you will be attending a job interview for a position as a business accountant. As you prepare to leave for the interview, a plumbing malfunction leads to a big flooding in your house. The walls and floors are made of wood and you have to act fast. Your priority for the day is the job interview but if you do not cater to the flooding a lot of money is at stake.

Your fiancee has just been involved in a road traffic accident. Your wedding is due to take place in 2 months time. You have been planning for the wedding and this was your top priority but now the priority quickly shifts to the health of your fiancee who has now been admitted to an ICU of the city’s main hospital.

You were mowing the loan when suddenly the roof top of your house is blown off by a strong wind.

I do not know what your priority disruptor was. You could share with us if you so wish. But I know our Lord God is a master comforter if we entrust our lives to him. Some of the worst things in life are certain to happen. Death is a reality that we do not give much thought as we move on in life and yet its a matter of time before we lose someone we know or someone close to us. Am not suggesting that we should be preoccupied with thoughts of losing a loved one or our selves facing death or encountering another less serious priority disruptor. But dwelling in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives keeps us safe in his dwelling in the days of trouble ( Psalm 27; 4-5 ). He will even set us high upon a rock.

I have personally witnessed how priority disruptors turned out to produce positive outcomes rather than the negative one the devil thought would result. Our strength and hope in Jesus makes the positive outcomes possible.

Jesus came to give us abundant life. John 10:10 informs us that the thief comes to steal , kill and destroy but Jesus came to give us life in its fullness. Let us abide in Him.

“Secret” to happy living

Water run into my hair and trickled down my body. This feeling of warm water flowing over me as I listened to a worship song (singing along as well) was an interesting experience less than an hour ago.

I suddenly got reminded of one “secret” to happy living. Its not really a secret. Its always there but we don`t pay attention to it. If we decide that nothing else matters except the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and doing His will, a feeling of fresh joy, fulfillment and happiness will come right away. If we remember that our life on earth is temporary, we shall not put emphasis on what earthly life has to offer. Suddenly the realization will come that our energy should be focused on fulfilling the will of God, rather than trying on our own to find solutions to the many challenges we face on earth. Please read 2nd Corinthians 4:16-18.

When we reach this point in life, that nothing on earth matters besides living for Jesus,  all the problems we face will be lower than us so that we over come and conquer them with ease. Then we shall ask ourselves why we had not yet realized this “secret” that was always before us.

My prayer today

Dear God, My prayer today is not for you to increase my material possessions or physical prosperity. No, its not for me to be promoted at  work nor is it for me to gain the highest academic achievements. My prayer today is not for my family to become rich or for my relatives to become famous. I am not praying for an expensive car or for a mansion. I know that peace is not about what we have. Some things money just can`t buy . Those things that can`t perish nor can thieves steal. Joy and love do not require fat bank accounts for one to get them, neither does gold and silver guarantee happiness. The brevity of earthly life is indication to the wise that we should focus on what assures us of eternal happiness, yet many times our desire for immediate gratification clouds our judgement and discernment of right from wrong. I pray today that you grant me the favour to know you and our Lord Jesus. I pray that your spirit shall guide each and everything I do. I pray that seeking you and doing your will shall be my source of joy and happiness. I pray the same for my family, relatives , friends and all human kind. In Jesus` name I pray Amen

The other perspective – Unconditional love

True believers come to understand that we as humans have many plans but what prevails is the purpose of the Lord ( Rd Prov 19:21). Many times we wonder why we haven`t yet received answers to our prayers. Some times certain peoples` relationship with God is negatively affected by prevailing circumstances; where by their love for God is conditional, depending on their acquisition of material things. Our life on earth is so limited that if you are really a believer, you cannot trade eternal happiness with momentary enjoyment. The Bible  urges us to set our minds on things above rather than earthly things (Colossians 3:2). With this knowledge you will not be affected by the negative attributes of comparing oneself to others such as jealousy, covetousness and so on.

The other perspective

I hope and pray that all of you are enjoying your new year. A moment ago while I  was meditating,  I had a sudden thought which was like a curtain being taken away from my face. What came to my mind is not new but  it`s a different way of thinking from the world`s – that’s why am calling it the other perspective. Many people struggle with unforgiveness. We`ve heard many sermons about  forgiveness which is the focus of today`s other perspective. Sometimes we even think that we`ve already forgiven someone, only discovering later that we have never done so, when a certain situation in relation to that person presents it self.

Am using the word curtain figuratively to mean what the devil does to people`s minds and lives. Many people have not yet managed to tear that curtain in front of them to have a chance of looking back at their lives and see the truth. It`s so relieving to see the truth but the enemy doesn`t want us to. Unforgiveness hurts you more than it does the unforgiven person. The peace that follows true forgiveness is so good that its difficult to describe; it`s better to experience it your self. 2 Corinthians 4:4 talks about the god of this age blinding the minds of unbelievers so that they can`t see the light of the gospel displaying Christ`s glory ( Please look up this vs and read on). When that curtain is removed or torn you will see the truth. One way to achieve this is through prayer and fasting and seeking God with a sincere heart.

Mathew 6:14 conveys a message  implying that if one forgives other people, he or she will also be forgiven by God. But if they don`t forgive others, they will also not be forgiven. Forgiveness removes the torment of unforgiveness and brings about true happiness. Just go for it and you will experience what I am talking about.

Your turn is coming

When you feel like exhausted and wanting to give up, just know that your turn is coming.

When you see friends seemingly happy but you have alot of misery, don`t despair, just know your turn is coming.

When the pain, whether emotional or physical becomes unbearable; please don`t give up , your turn is coming.

When nothing you do seems to yield fruit; continue with diligence knowing your turn is coming.

When you feel like your prayer is taking long to be answered, remember Luke 18:7, God will not keep putting off His chosen ones who cry out to Him day and night.

Marriage is about compromise

Years back at a friend`s wedding, one of the speakers said that whats important in marriage is not how compatible spouses are , but how they handle the differences between them. Many young christians rightfully spend long periods of time in courtship in order to learn each other. Many have been told that it helps to know the character of the person you are marrying, which is true. Much as this is important, after marriage many are surprised by how much they don`t know of the other person despite the long period of courtship. This is when compromise comes into play.

The willingness to give up some one`s happiness for the sake of the spouse or the relationship requires grace from God. Co existence between two individuals is only possible with agreement and this requires compromise. Amos 3:3 asks whether two can walk together unless they agree. Despite both being  born again christians, spouses usually come from different upbringings, professions, tribes , cultures,  etc all of which shape people differently. It`s good to  understand that what tastes good to you may not be liked by your husband or the fact that your mum is a good story-teller doesn’t mean all women can tell stories…etc. Compromise makes marriages last ..till death separates the husband from the wife.

Why me? – A common question

This week, I promised to talk about some topics that affect many people and I would like to start today.

Why me? I can`t claim to be an authority on this subject, but I know you will agree with me that by adulthood almost everyone has asked themselves this question some time in their life. May be an agonizing situation has happened and you think life is unfair. You are probably heartbroken by a recent failure or diagnosis. It may be that your children are not listening to you or your boss has grossly mis understood you and your job is at stake. Or probably you`ve applied to hundreds of jobs and even attended interviews but you aren`t getting an appointment. It could be that your future wife or husband is taking too long to come along, the list of possibilities is endless.

In John 14, Jesus promises the holy spirit who will be a counselor. The counselor reminds us of what Jesus said. Jesus added that He lives us with peace ( vs 27) and that we should not let our hearts be troubled. I believe Jesus knew that troubling moments would come. In Luke 18 Jesus tells a parable of a persistent widow illustrating that we should not give up in prayer. This is a powerful parable , please find time to read it ( Luke 18: 1-8).

Let`s also remember to keep rejoicing in all circumstances. We read in Habakkuk a message about rejoicing though there may be no thriving in some aspects of our lives at the moment ( Chap 3 : 17- 18). When we rejoice amidst  troubles we keep our hopes high and demonstrate that the Lord we know is stronger than every problem and can solve them all.

As I conclude in Mathew 7: 7-12 Jesus informs us to ask and it will be given unto us.

As believers we should remember that what is seen is temporary in contrast to what is unseen which exists forever ( 2 Cor 4:18). Our eyes should be fixed on what is unseen. The problems faced on earth are momentary when compared to the eternal life we  hope to get through Jesus.

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