Why me? – A common question

This week, I promised to talk about some topics that affect many people and I would like to start today.

Why me? I can`t claim to be an authority on this subject, but I know you will agree with me that by adulthood almost everyone has asked themselves this question some time in their life. May be an agonizing situation has happened and you think life is unfair. You are probably heartbroken by a recent failure or diagnosis. It may be that your children are not listening to you or your boss has grossly mis understood you and your job is at stake. Or probably you`ve applied to hundreds of jobs and even attended interviews but you aren`t getting an appointment. It could be that your future wife or husband is taking too long to come along, the list of possibilities is endless.

In John 14, Jesus promises the holy spirit who will be a counselor. The counselor reminds us of what Jesus said. Jesus added that He lives us with peace ( vs 27) and that we should not let our hearts be troubled. I believe Jesus knew that troubling moments would come. In Luke 18 Jesus tells a parable of a persistent widow illustrating that we should not give up in prayer. This is a powerful parable , please find time to read it ( Luke 18: 1-8).

Let`s also remember to keep rejoicing in all circumstances. We read in Habakkuk a message about rejoicing though there may be no thriving in some aspects of our lives at the moment ( Chap 3 : 17- 18). When we rejoice amidst  troubles we keep our hopes high and demonstrate that the Lord we know is stronger than every problem and can solve them all.

As I conclude in Mathew 7: 7-12 Jesus informs us to ask and it will be given unto us.

As believers we should remember that what is seen is temporary in contrast to what is unseen which exists forever ( 2 Cor 4:18). Our eyes should be fixed on what is unseen. The problems faced on earth are momentary when compared to the eternal life we  hope to get through Jesus.

If you find this information useful I encourage you to send this link to your loved ones and other persons: https://pleasantwordsheal.wordpress.com/ They will find many more real life changing information with a Christian approach.


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