Is the end of the world near ?

In the night leading to Oct 31, I had an interesting dream. In this dream, I found myself floating in space. I could see many  space objects which could have included stars, planets and perhaps other bodies.  Despite the fact that the setting of the dream was during day time, I could still clearly see the space objects and was able to make out their colors and shapes. This is in contrast to what we are used to in usual life, only able to see stars at night.  One of the objects stood out with a different color from the others. It was red.

Just after I saw the red colored body, information came to me that it was about to let go of its stabilizing influence over the other objects. This meant that they would fall from the sky with an implication of the end of the existing state of affairs. Quickly, it occurred to me that this was to happen soon. Communication in such situations is not the same as our ordinary communication. One gets information that is certain but presented in an unusual way. Some times the way information is communicated is difficult to explain.

It does not appear like we have a long time before the end of the world. We need to repent and be ready for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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