At the moment…do you feel like giving up?

At the moment, are you experiencing this ?

You may be at the verge of a marriage break down. Perhaps you and your husband or wife have failed to reconcile on a trivial issue. None of you wants to make the first move towards the other, because it will be perceived as a sign of weakness. Or it may be a far extreme situation. Your husband of 25 yrs has been sleeping with a coworker and you have just found out. Divorce seems inevitable.

You may have received news that after 8 yrs of being in remission, your breast cancer seems to be coming back. You are waiting for imaging results that your doctor ordered. You do not know what news to expect.

This day appears to be the last day of  your family living in your house. Last month you filed for bankruptcy and have just received a letter that you must leave the house you have  called home for the past 15 yrs. You are wondering how you are going to break this news to your 12 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter.

Or it could be that there seems to be no matching donor yet for your liver transplant. You have been waiting for so long and it does not appear like you are going to live any much longer as you wait.

Or perhaps you have just received news that your entire family has just been involved in a car crash. There has been no survivor. You have been preparing for your 10th wedding anniversary.

At 59 yrs your only child, a 30 yr old son has just succumbed to multi organ failure after a battle with sepsis. You are very stressed by this news and wondering why you have to see your son die and not vice versa.

Or perhaps you have just lost an appeal concerning a murder charge that you did not commit. The only alibi you have is your 9 yr old German Shepherd. The allegation attracts a capital punishment in your country and you have lost hope.

You have been running your business for 10 months now and for 10 straight months , you’ve not made a single profit. In fact you’ve been making losses month after month. You have staff to pay and other expenses to cater for. You are wondering if it was a good choice of business.

I do not have the best words to comfort you but I know our God and His son Jesus care. They know everything we go through and they are compassionate. Please don’t give up. Trust in Jesus and His love. According to 1 Peter 5:10, the God of all grace will restore you after the suffering and make you firm, strong and steadfast.














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