The gift of life

Today, I`ve had one of the most important meditations of my life. I was thinking and reflecting about the gift of life. Life is an important gift God gives us.

If you are planning your next vacation, figuring out which school your children will go to, thinking about a job interview or even wondering if you will afford house rent in the coming months, then perhaps your focus is not about whether you are going to be alive next month. When life gets so busy and we feel less fortunate than our neighbors, we are forgetting about a large number of people who are unsure if they will be alive tomorrow. Some are even uncertain if they will be alive 3 hours ahead. Many may be craving for at least an extra day to see the smile on their little child`s face. Yes, someone may be needing 2 more months to attend their son’s graduation ceremony. While another may be wishing for an extra week in order to attend their daughter`s wedding.

May we take every day as a gift from God and strive to live as he would like us to. Let`s pray that God helps us in Jesus` name. Let`s present our bodies as living sacrifices. Read Romans 12:1


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