Putting it ” on the shelf ” might cost you

Have you ever had this important decision you have to make but you are uncertain of when to do so? And as you are in that state of indecisiveness some other seemingly more urgent issues come up for you to decide upon. I have experienced many such situations; postponing making a decision on the first issue one had in mind is what many refer to as “putting on the shelf”. The spectrum of such issues is wide; on one end it may be a decision of when to water your indoor plant and on the other end it may be a decision of whether or not  you should continue flirting with a married classmate. Each one of them has different kinds and severity of potential consequences if not dealt with immediately. Whereas putting some decisions on the shelf may be necessary, doing so with others may lead to undesirable repercussions. Recognizing which ones can safely be put on the shelf and for how long is not always easy, but sometimes it’s our deliberate act to do so even with the complete knowledge of the disastrous sequel should things go wrong. I have come to learn that one should think twice before putting some decisions on the shelf. As a Christian I seek God`s guidance to help me with which decisions can wait and those that should not.

It’s widely said that experience teaches the best, but it is a hard way of learning! I would appreciate if any one has a thought on this post.


4 thoughts on “Putting it ” on the shelf ” might cost you

  1. Thank you Ivan for sharing this important yet real life experience that you share with many people including my self. Making decision on what to put on the shelf is such a challenge especially when we yield to the worldly pleasures.

  2. Hello Irene,
    Thanks for your comment.You are right . I find that there must come a time when we stop learning from bad experiences but rather from discernment and godly guidance.

    Thanks Irene.

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