Be at Peace, understand your limitations

One of the guides to a peaceful life Iv`e learnt over time is understanding my limitations. And of course as some of you have already guessed, this is both through personal experiences and through observing others. The world today has a tendency of showing us what we don`t have and how we can achieve them through…… many ways. There is a palpable state of urgency in our desire to acquire even the non essential commodities and this we want to do in the shortest possible time. There are few things in the world today that bring about regrets like trying to unrealistically compare ourselves with others. Not being honest to ourselves may bring about unnecessary heartaches and failures. Understanding our limitations doesn’t mean giving up on our dreams, neither does it encourage laziness, but it removes the unnecessary and undesirable pressures as we strive to achieve our goals. The result is a peaceful journey towards one`s dreams; you realize that once you have enjoyed that peace it doesn’t really  matter if things have ended the way you wanted or not.


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