Is silence ever an answer?

Hundreds of thousands of people everyday wonder if it would make a difference if they had only waited a day before saying it. Some have even regretted why they did n`t  wait a minute before uttering it out. To those who are married this has sometimes meant the difference between trust and mistrust or even worse the only reason to divorce. Scores have lost their jobs just because they would not tame their tongue- at least for that instant. When you are being dragged into an argument by some one with an elevated temper or if put the other way round – at the time when your temper is elevated, then silence is the winning answer.  


8 thoughts on “Is silence ever an answer?

  1. Thanks Fanny. I just thought of the many times in my life that I didn`t use the silence answer, and the consequences that I faced . Good that our God gives us many chances.

  2. You are right Patience, its painful to hurt our dear ones because of what we say. Better to remain silent if we are not sure of what we are going to utter.

  3. Ponahatso, you are right if you do this at the proper time. Allow some time for the tempers to cool down before saying a word. I appreciate your view.

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