Love, unconditional love.

Some time in the eighties we had to flee from a war zone after an alert  that our home and surrounding area was going to be battle ground. I was very young then but  this is one of the events I clearly remember. There wasn’t enough time to prepare for the journey, it was all sudden – just imagine what happens when your house suddenly catches fire and you have to flee! This situation was similar to that.  We were moving in a big group, all of us running or walking but no one was driving . There was wide spread pandemonium.

As we we hastily but carefully looked for a safe place to go, one of the ladies realized that one of her sons was missing in the group. I saw unconditional love at play. She entrusted her other two children to their dad and started going back to the area we were leaving. I clearly understand what was going on in her mind, her son was in imminent danger. It was this same danger she was leading her self into by going back but this didn’t matter to her , all she wanted was to find her son safe. We would later learn that her son had some how moved with another group of people and was safe.

I don’t want in any way to compare what she did to what our God did by sending His son Jesus to save this world. Rather I just want to give an example of unconditional love.

What an amazing God who showed great love to us by sending His son to save us from sinful nature and deliver us from unrighteousness! ( John 3:16)

Lets remember His love towards us and pass it on to others.

Merry Christmas,


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