Blamed for something you did not do, how do you react?

We all want a life full of peace and no strife , hurting , discords or anything in the same category. Unfortunately as most of us grow up we find that this isn’t always the case . One of the most hurting occurrences every one will very likely face many times in their life is being blamed for something they did not do; or being wrongly perceived or judged. The potential consequences of the blame range from being trivial in some cases to serious in others. This depends on what the blame is and the relationship you have with the person doing so. But whatever the consequence , whether trivial or serious no one wants to be held responsible for  something they did not do. So what does one do in this case?

I know many of you have many interesting and good answers to this and am eager to read them. Please feel free to share them if its ok with you . My discussion today is what not to do in such instances. How we respond to those who have misjudged us whether friends or relatives, strangers or otherwise has an important part to play in the state of our internal peace. Almost every human being has the ability to talk back in a raised voice and to exhibit aggression whether active or passive, but our strength is judged by our ability to remain loving , peaceful and calm in such situations. I know it is easier said than done, but getting along with folks requires a willingness to hurt without revenge or fighting back.


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