Confidence a midst troubles (continued)

God wants us to trust Him despite all situations. Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus ( Romans 8: 37-39).

Trials and temptations happen so frequently that instead of trying the futile attempt of running away from them, adopting an attitude of effectively dealing with them is better. Sometimes when we face trials and some one comes to strengthen us, within us we say “its because its not happening to you.” but we can be positive about our prevailing situation if we think of two things:

  •    The high priest we have ( Our Lord Jesus) empathizes with our weaknesses and was also tempted yet He did not sin. ( Rd Hebrews 4: 15). He understands what we are going through and will redeem us. In Hebrews 4 :16, we are urged to confidently approach the throne of God so that we receive mercy and help when we are in need.
  •    The testing of our faith yields perseverance which in turn brings about completeness and maturity.

I pray that the good Lord leads you safely from the situation you are going through and may His name be glorified,


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