Do you have problems with tithing?

Read this as a humble message from someone who loves and cares, not one who judges. It`s what the Lord has put upon my heart to share.

Many born again Christians encounter problems with tithing. It`s something that is not uncommon, hurting and “eating” up the inside of someone who knows they are supposed to do so but fail for one reason or another.Many diligently spare time immediately after their pay day and carefully calculate the tenth but find that they still cant tithe. Yes some Christians may disregard tithing completely or for a period; today am not talking about these. But I am referring to those who set aside time to calculate the tithe each time a pay slip or cheque comes in, only to find themselves failing to tithe.

The main reason for this is failure to have a long term plan for tithing- In other words when we make our long term plans, our ability to tithe while carrying out those plans must be considered. The examples given below will make this clear. If we feel that tithing will be hampered while executing those plans, then we have to change them. A good number of people are good at making monthly plans for tithing although some do not follow through with the tithing. This shows that short term plans alone are not good enough. All of us should have the long term plans for tithing.   Consider the following useful tips;

Planning to tithe doesn`t only start before you spend any money from your pay slip.

  • Pray for God`s wisdom concerning this. Prayer (Mathew 21:22)
  • Start planning before buying a car. Ask you self “after tithing, will I have enough money to fuel the car and service it?” Not – “will there be enough money for tithing after the car expenses?”  If the answer is no to the previous question, then you probably need a cheaper car or you are not yet ready to own a car currently . If you obtained a loan, will the monthly loan payment be enough after the tithe? If you start with buying the car before asking your self those questions ,you increase your chances of not tithing  because the monthly expenses might go beyond your income.
  • Before renting an apartment or acquiring a loan for a house, find out if  you will be able to tithe before your monthly expenses on the house. You probably need a cheaper house or apartment. Don`t first acquire an apartment or house  and think about tithing later. Before starting to build your house, will you faithfully tithe each month during the building project? Or is this going to hamper the tithing? If so put  off the building for some time.
  • Before choosing a school or course of education , will you be able to tithe and  pay the tuition? Ask your self if you probably need a cheaper school. Don`t first get an expensive school and convince yourself that you will tithe anyway. This is the trap many have fallen into.
  • In summary, think about tithing before considering not only your monthly budget but also your long term projects. Change your projects if you will not be able to tithe and fulfill them, go for cheaper alternatives or abandon them if they will hamper tithing.

The truth is if you don`t consider all those and the like before taking them up, you might be pressured into thinking they are more important than tithing when funds aren’t enough.

May God bless you


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