At the moment…do you feel like giving up?

At the moment, are you experiencing this ?

You may be at the verge of a marriage break down. Perhaps you and your husband or wife have failed to reconcile on a trivial issue. None of you wants to make the first move towards the other, because it will be perceived as a sign of weakness. Or it may be a far extreme situation. Your husband of 25 yrs has been sleeping with a coworker and you have just found out. Divorce seems inevitable.

You may have received news that after 8 yrs of being in remission, your breast cancer seems to be coming back. You are waiting for imaging results that your doctor ordered. You do not know what news to expect.

This day appears to be the last day of  your family living in your house. Last month you filed for bankruptcy and have just received a letter that you must leave the house you have  called home for the past 15 yrs. You are wondering how you are going to break this news to your 12 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter.

Or it could be that there seems to be no matching donor yet for your liver transplant. You have been waiting for so long and it does not appear like you are going to live any much longer as you wait.

Or perhaps you have just received news that your entire family has just been involved in a car crash. There has been no survivor. You have been preparing for your 10th wedding anniversary.

At 59 yrs your only child, a 30 yr old son has just succumbed to multi organ failure after a battle with sepsis. You are very stressed by this news and wondering why you have to see your son die and not vice versa.

Or perhaps you have just lost an appeal concerning a murder charge that you did not commit. The only alibi you have is your 9 yr old German Shepherd. The allegation attracts a capital punishment in your country and you have lost hope.

You have been running your business for 10 months now and for 10 straight months , you’ve not made a single profit. In fact you’ve been making losses month after month. You have staff to pay and other expenses to cater for. You are wondering if it was a good choice of business.

I do not have the best words to comfort you but I know our God and His son Jesus care. They know everything we go through and they are compassionate. Please don’t give up. Trust in Jesus and His love. According to 1 Peter 5:10, the God of all grace will restore you after the suffering and make you firm, strong and steadfast.













In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ

What is the date today?  All of us will chorus 25th  Dec, 2018. Every time we say 2018, we are referring to 2018 years from the birth of Jesus Christ. Our current knowledge of world history dates back to events that happened so many years ago. These events are generally accepted as truth. For those of you familiar with the historians` lingo, you are aware that historians will refer to “an event that happened as recent as 5000 years ago”. Yet skeptics will deny the existence of the very well recorded and accurate history of events that occurred  as recent as 2000 years ago.

The birth of our Lord Jesus is a true historical event. His redemption and salvation of human kind is real and His work and presence in our lives is on going. We give Him the glory.

Just imagine…

If everyone would say the truth

If everyone forgave easily

If everyone loved unconditionally

If everyone said “thank you”

If everyone smiled at a stranger

If everyone helped those in need

If everyone said “sorry”

If everyone did not cheat on their spouse

If everyone did not discriminate

If everyone read 1 Corinthians 13:13

“How did I get here?”

This is not an uncommon question for anyone who is going through tough times. You may be going through some seemingly irredeemable situation in your life. You reflect on the many opportunities you had to make the good decisions but the desire for immediate gratification led you to go with the wrong choice. Perhaps it was because of the decision to ignore the still small voice within you (1 Kings 19: 11 – 13) that reflects the inner guidance that God gives us. And do not get me wrong I am not blaming you today, but rather letting you know that you still have a chance! The look at your scars- physical or emotional reminds you of the times you struggled with making a good choice or choices. The scars either remind you of the conquer you had after a long battle or how circumstances went against you. Be aware of small repeated wrong decisions. Very few people make huge wrong decisions at once; such are outliers. Most individuals get in hurtful situations because of small repeated wrong decisions, which bring about a bad cumulative effect. But today as you ask yourself “How did I get here?” the Lord God is saying you still have a chance, regardless of how far down you are at the “deep end”; irrespective of your age. It`s time to forget what is behind and focus on what is ahead. (Phil 3:13). Will you allow God and our Lord Jesus to guide you?

“A tta”. But Jesus came to give us life in it`s fullness

Our daughter, who has not yet made 2 years, is steadily broadening her vocabulary. She was not born in Africa and for some reason we will start teaching her our native language from the age of 3 years onwards; currently she speaks Englsih only. I know some of you may not agree with us but thats the decision we have made as her parents.

While on a trip outside my province, I decided to skype with my family in the evening and my daughter kept on saying a tta. She had never said this before and it was cleary different from the common prelinguistic utterance of tata or thatha that infants make. This was clearly a new word in her vocabulalry that even the mother noted. It didn`t bother me at first but she repeated it many times even after trying to distract her with some other conversation. a tta, a tta, a tta… she went on. This trip was rough both by road and in the air. Winds gave us a rough landing on one of the airports on my way to Ontario. I prayed many times for a safe journey for us and other people flying and also thanked God several times for safe travelling during the trip. A tta means he kills or she kills in our native African langauge, a language that my daughter doesn`t know how to speak. I kept on wondering why my daughter keeps on reminding me that this person kills. It made me feel uncomfortable given that I still had some flights to take. Was it my last day? As we flew back , the travel was rough again and that is when I remebered the verse John 10:10. Although the thief comes to kill and destroy, Jesus came that we may have life in its fullness. I believe the anxiety I got from my daughter`s words made me pray even more, perhaps I would not have prayed as much as I did. I continued to see God at work when I was driving from the airport. On my way, there was a sharp corner which was very slippery. I tried to slow down but the car kept on skidding in a scary manner but eventually it stopped. This caused anxiety, but with the mercy of our Lord, I arrived safely home.