Selflessness is not really being careless about oneself, but the inward ability to give up one`s own interests to please others. Its some thing many persons do without necessarily thinking about; seen especially in lovers and parents to their children. Its easier to be selfless when we are just denying ourselves from enjoying something or some activity. But how easy is it to be selfless when we are putting our selves in danger?

Pleasant words heal

The uniformity of challenges  encountered by all of us can be used to our advantage; there is almost no knew challenge anyone faces; any challenge we face today has likely been faced by someone else before! Of course the fine details change. But there is almost no new challenge  to human species. Through persons around us, God provides solutions to all our challenges.By coming together to share our experiences , we can offer easy to find help for each other`s day to day challenges.

Today`s healing tip: Demonstrate an act of kindness or love to some one you have resented for some time because of what they did . You will be amazed at what healing you will get. Please let us know how this show of love has changed your day today. E.g. Smile and be the first to greet your husband or wife in the morning after a disagreement the day before, or prepare them a cup of coffee before they leave for work!