Putting it ” on the shelf ” might cost you

Have you ever had this important decision you have to make but you are uncertain of when to do so? And as you are in that state of indecisiveness some other seemingly more urgent issues come up for you to decide upon. I have experienced many such situations; postponing making a decision on the first issue one had in mind is what many refer to as “putting on the shelf”. The spectrum of such issues is wide; on one end it may be a decision of when to water your indoor plant and on the other end it may be a decision of whether or not  you should continue flirting with a married classmate. Each one of them has different kinds and severity of potential consequences if not dealt with immediately. Whereas putting some decisions on the shelf may be necessary, doing so with others may lead to undesirable repercussions. Recognizing which ones can safely be put on the shelf and for how long is not always easy, but sometimes it’s our deliberate act to do so even with the complete knowledge of the disastrous sequel should things go wrong. I have come to learn that one should think twice before putting some decisions on the shelf. As a Christian I seek God`s guidance to help me with which decisions can wait and those that should not.

It’s widely said that experience teaches the best, but it is a hard way of learning! I would appreciate if any one has a thought on this post.

A unique, special feeling on being kind to a stranger

Hello friends, opportunities to be kind to strangers ( In fact I mean all persons) should never pass you by. Iv`e missed some of them personally and  this came with regrets. Running through my mind in such instances was ” I should have done this for them, or may be I go back and say this or do that….” and so on. Currently I do my best to be kind to strangers- what a pleasant experience! Today some one in a store we visited with my family  showed unreserved kindness to us. In addition to the satisfaction we got from his service, I wondered how wonderful he must have felt on being kind to us!

Pleasant words heal

Pleasant Words Heal

The uniformity of challenges  encountered by all of us can be used to our advantage; there is almost no knew challenge anyone faces; any challenge we face today has likely been faced by someone else before! Of course the fine details change. But there is almost no new challenge  to human species. Through persons around us, God provides solutions to all our challenges.By coming together to share our experiences , we can offer easy to find help for each other`s day to day challenges.

Today`s healing tip: Demonstrate an act of kindness or love to some one you have resented for some time because of what they did . You will be amazed at what healing you will get. Please let us know how this show of love has changed your day today. E.g. Smile and be the first to greet your husband or wife in the morning after a…

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Doing right heals

With the many challenges in the world today, almost each one of us faces a decision point in life where a choice has to be made; whether right or wrong . With the numerous intense pressures of life, doing right seems like an uphill battle quite often. I remember one time one of my bosses at work made a statement ” Always aim at doing the right thing”. It later turned out that he was at a  financial decision point in his life and had a choice to make. I clearly remember that he made the right choice.

Indeed  Christians ( of which am a member) are taught and are aware that doing right is fundamental in a good relationship with God.

Doing right is not a requirement limited only to those who are religious. It is an important and useful principle designed to shield and protect us against unfair, undesirable, dangerous and some times potentially fatal situations. You can`t go wrong when you do what is right. Some of those who cheat on their spouses ( adulterers) have lost their marriages and some of those involved in fraudulent activities have lost jobs. On another spectrum disobedient children have made wrong choices in life. Some have died because of those choices

Today am not talking about the consequences of wrong doing, but the healing that one feels on doing right. I know many here will say that many wrong doers never pay for their wrongs and many of those who do right suffer a lot in life. The difference is that the the former never brings about the healing associated with the later. Ultimately this is what counts and its a wonderful experience!


Pleasant Words Heal

Selflessness is not really being careless about oneself, but the inward ability to give up one`s own interests to please others. Its some thing many persons do without necessarily thinking about; seen especially in lovers and parents to their children. Its easier to be selfless when we are just denying ourselves from enjoying something or some activity. But how easy is it to be selfless when we are putting our selves in danger?

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