The other perspective – Unconditional love

True believers come to understand that we as humans have many plans but what prevails is the purpose of the Lord ( Rd Prov 19:21). Many times we wonder why we haven`t yet received answers to our prayers. Some times certain peoples` relationship with God is negatively affected by prevailing circumstances; where by their love for God is conditional, depending on their acquisition of material things. Our life on earth is so limited that if you are really a believer, you cannot trade eternal happiness with momentary enjoyment. The Bible  urges us to set our minds on things above rather than earthly things (Colossians 3:2). With this knowledge you will not be affected by the negative attributes of comparing oneself to others such as jealousy, covetousness and so on.

The other perspective

I hope and pray that all of you are enjoying your new year. A moment ago while I  was meditating,  I had a sudden thought which was like a curtain being taken away from my face. What came to my mind is not new but  it`s a different way of thinking from the world`s – that’s why am calling it the other perspective. Many people struggle with unforgiveness. We`ve heard many sermons about  forgiveness which is the focus of today`s other perspective. Sometimes we even think that we`ve already forgiven someone, only discovering later that we have never done so, when a certain situation in relation to that person presents it self.

Am using the word curtain figuratively to mean what the devil does to people`s minds and lives. Many people have not yet managed to tear that curtain in front of them to have a chance of looking back at their lives and see the truth. It`s so relieving to see the truth but the enemy doesn`t want us to. Unforgiveness hurts you more than it does the unforgiven person. The peace that follows true forgiveness is so good that its difficult to describe; it`s better to experience it your self. 2 Corinthians 4:4 talks about the god of this age blinding the minds of unbelievers so that they can`t see the light of the gospel displaying Christ`s glory ( Please look up this vs and read on). When that curtain is removed or torn you will see the truth. One way to achieve this is through prayer and fasting and seeking God with a sincere heart.

Mathew 6:14 conveys a message  implying that if one forgives other people, he or she will also be forgiven by God. But if they don`t forgive others, they will also not be forgiven. Forgiveness removes the torment of unforgiveness and brings about true happiness. Just go for it and you will experience what I am talking about.

Your turn is coming

When you feel like exhausted and wanting to give up, just know that your turn is coming.

When you see friends seemingly happy but you have alot of misery, don`t despair, just know your turn is coming.

When the pain, whether emotional or physical becomes unbearable; please don`t give up , your turn is coming.

When nothing you do seems to yield fruit; continue with diligence knowing your turn is coming.

When you feel like your prayer is taking long to be answered, remember Luke 18:7, God will not keep putting off His chosen ones who cry out to Him day and night.

Marriage is about compromise

Years back at a friend`s wedding, one of the speakers said that whats important in marriage is not how compatible spouses are , but how they handle the differences between them. Many young christians rightfully spend long periods of time in courtship in order to learn each other. Many have been told that it helps to know the character of the person you are marrying, which is true. Much as this is important, after marriage many are surprised by how much they don`t know of the other person despite the long period of courtship. This is when compromise comes into play.

The willingness to give up some one`s happiness for the sake of the spouse or the relationship requires grace from God. Co existence between two individuals is only possible with agreement and this requires compromise. Amos 3:3 asks whether two can walk together unless they agree. Despite both being  born again christians, spouses usually come from different upbringings, professions, tribes , cultures,  etc all of which shape people differently. It`s good to  understand that what tastes good to you may not be liked by your husband or the fact that your mum is a good story-teller doesn’t mean all women can tell stories…etc. Compromise makes marriages last ..till death separates the husband from the wife.

“A tta”. But Jesus came to give us life in it`s fullness

Our daughter, who has not yet made 2 years, is steadily broadening her vocabulary. She was not born in Africa and for some reason we will start teaching her our native language from the age of 3 years onwards; currently she speaks Englsih only. I know some of you may not agree with us but thats the decision we have made as her parents.

While on a trip outside my province, I decided to skype with my family in the evening and my daughter kept on saying a tta. She had never said this before and it was cleary different from the common prelinguistic utterance of tata or thatha that infants make. This was clearly a new word in her vocabulalry that even the mother noted. It didn`t bother me at first but she repeated it many times even after trying to distract her with some other conversation. a tta, a tta, a tta… she went on. This trip was rough both by road and in the air. Winds gave us a rough landing on one of the airports on my way to Ontario. I prayed many times for a safe journey for us and other people flying and also thanked God several times for safe travelling during the trip. A tta means he kills or she kills in our native African langauge, a language that my daughter doesn`t know how to speak. I kept on wondering why my daughter keeps on reminding me that this person kills. It made me feel uncomfortable given that I still had some flights to take. Was it my last day? As we flew back , the travel was rough again and that is when I remebered the verse John 10:10. Although the thief comes to kill and destroy, Jesus came that we may have life in its fullness. I believe the anxiety I got from my daughter`s words made me pray even more, perhaps I would not have prayed as much as I did. I continued to see God at work when I was driving from the airport. On my way, there was a sharp corner which was very slippery. I tried to slow down but the car kept on skidding in a scary manner but eventually it stopped. This caused anxiety, but with the mercy of our Lord, I arrived safely home.

Manifestation on my fasting day ( Continuation)

This is a continuation of my previous post: 

…peace returned . Travelling thousands of kilometres something laid outside a house , as if waiting to devour. My spirit prayed for them; I continue to pray for them. Earlier on, it had been dismantled into many tiny flakes. Then immediately I was in a tunnel like structure with a round dim light at the end, first yellow, then whitish as if an exit so far away. At some point during my meditation I fell asleep- the sound from my computer woke me up, I had to be meditating and not sleeping. I continued in spirit to see three figures but the third wasn`t easily seen; at first moving and then later surrounded by a yellow – white, purplish… signified protection and this seemed to come from our Lord. On opening my eyes after meditation and all the encounter, the account I had prepared to read was Psalm 118: 24 – 29. It talks about God making His light shine on us, adding on later that his love endures forever. It mentions much more, please read it.

Approximately 15 mins later I read a random message – I can`t recall the source , but I know it was a message I randomly chose . The message was an affirmation of what I had just encountered. It said that God determines the proper time and method of communicating to us . The message also mentioned that encounters may occur as a direct word from God, a dream, vision or revelation. Sometimes the messengers of such are angels. But whatever means through which they manifest, they are from God.  For your information I had not known the content of this message before reading it and before my encounter.

Manifestation on my fasting day

I wrote down the following account on Aug 8, 2013 after a prayer session on my day of fasting: I asked the Lord, so that I gain capacity to view things in the spirit. About fifteen seconds into my prayer, flames yellow quickly becoming white surrounded our Lord, signifying His greatness. Rapid events followed and again I saw that He was fighting off two or three giant evil men who were trying to surround us ( me and my family). Immediately I learnt that this was happening yesterday – I had thrown a wall hanging- The spirit was telling me so when that was taken away; To be contnued in the next post

Spiritual dream follow up -How the day`s event ended

When a stranger provides a free service which would other wise be expensive and says he is helping a friend, this is surely God at work. This is what happened after a long wait to have my plumbing problem fixed. In the past 2 posts I explained how I had a dream and how it unfolded in reality after I woke up.

As I pateintly waited for the plumber to come by, I wondered why all this had happened in the first place. We had contained the leakage but the main problem hadn`t been fully solved. The water service man had successfully closed off the main supply to the house, but now I was faced with a possible huge plumbing bill after a professional plumber`s work on the problem. During the day I had rejected the quiick offer by another retired plumber since I had an earlier booking with another company.

The one I was waiting for finally came to the house in the afternoon after a long wait. Very friendly he started working. As he worked he realised that he was missing a certain part. I had suggested that we use an older one in the house but he opted to go and buy from a building store. This would normally increase the bill for his service. He took long to return but he apologized for this when he arrived. He did all his work diligently and after finishing he cleaned up even after I insisted that he did not have to. As he was leaving I asked him to give me an idea of how much the bill was and when it would be sent in so that I know how much I was going to pay. He repleid that he was helping a friend or a friend of a friend so all the work and the part he bought and the kindness he showed were free of charge! Surely I saw the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living – Psalm 27:13.

Follow up to “Spiritual Dream”

Not so long after the dream ( Please read my previous post to get the background of today`s post), I was in the wash room wen I realized that there was water leakage. This wouldn’t be a serious problem in many of the houses in Africa, but the material used to construct houses in North America generally doesn’t go well with water leakage. Profound destruction of the house can occur within only I hour of serious water leakage. I tried to stop it  but failed; it was around midnight when all this happened. I tried  to locate the main tap to the house in order to close it but this also failed. The leakage was rapidly filling whatever container it was dripping into meaning that I would have to be awake the whole night, emptying and putting back the containers.

I called my neighbour who quickly came and headed to the basement to close the main tap but he failed. The leaking continued. It was now approximately 1 am. Another neighbour joined us and the first one to come left- he had been at my place so long trying to stop the leakage but had failed. The second neighbour failed too and suggested we call the water department`s emergency number. Their duty was to locate and close the main valve on the street from which my house receives the water. The man was very good to us and did his level best to locate the valve but failed, it was close to 2am. Meanwhile everyone was very sleepy, I had gotten tired from running in and out of the house and it appeared like the neighbour and water service man were also frustrated by the lack of a solution to the problem. I was wondering why all this happened at night and why the solution wasn’t forth coming. Space and time do not allow me to write all the details of what we went through but the whole process was very distressing.

The service man promised to come back later in the morning with colleagues and special gadgets, the neighbour would help me find a commercial plumber man and I had to deal with the water leakage till some time during the day when help comes. By the way I also had to get ready with finances- plumbing services are not cheap. Together with the neighbour we stepped back to my bathroom one more time and we were able to temporarily reduce the water leakage so that it would allow just one container till morning. It was not easy , but with God`s help we managed. God brought an idea to my mind which I presented to the neighbour and he was happy to try it out with me.  We parted company with my neighbour at about 2:30am and I went to sleep .

But this was just the beginning of God providing a way, later during the  day more amazing things happened as I will write in the next post. Please don’t miss my next post as I share more on the amazing love of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Spiritual Dream

After checking and determining that the position of the truck seemed un safe , I decided to back up ( reverse) a little further. Within me I knew this was un necessary but I decided to do it any way, just to make sure that the truck was parked in a safe place. As it backed up , the truck descended into a ditch which I had not seen earlier, making the characteristic sound as it did so. Part of the truck, specifically the front wheels were still on the upper ground but the hind wheels had gone further down the ditch.

I jumped out and headed towards the hind side to get a clear view of what had happened. Indeed , the truck had gone into the ditch and there was damage to the body of the truck.My mind started wondering why I had backed up further in the first place, but that was not all. How was I going to get the truck out- those who are familiar with my body build know what am talking about!

It was then that I realized that a lady was standing besides me.Dreams will always be dreams; at first I thought I knew the lady but now I can`t even speak with confidence if I knew her. During this time and encounter I didn`t even know that I was dreaming. She looked on calmly and didn`t say much if she did at all, but she communicated with me somehow, I later would determine that the communication was through the spirit. Her communication and presence gave me reassurance that whatever decision I was choosing was the right one and going a head with it would provide good results. I would later ( after waking up) discover that all this would have a real life meaning.The problem showed up in another form , nothing related to a vehicle. The problem was to cause too much distress, but with the guidance of God I would pull through. The decisions I would later take would determine how quick and the ease with which the solution helped with the problem.

She looked on as the truck got back to the level ground out of the ditch. I don`t exactly remember if I physically did anything to remove the truck from the ditch but I remember noting the damage to its body.

( NB: This is a real story as it happened to Ivan :To be continued another day)